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February 2017 Show: "Discover the magic of Begonias".

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"Welcome to the Begonia Show."
"Begonias everywhere."
"Show Display."
"B. 'Anita Sharrad'."
"Cane display."
"Cane Begonias."
"Cane Sales Team."
"Happy customer."
"Stage Display."
"Rhizomatous Display."
"Rhizome Sales Team."
"B. 'Bling'."
"B. 'Escargot'."
"Cuppa Time."
"Happy customers."
"B. phuthoensis."
"How do I look after it?"
"This is how you grow a begonia."
"B. gracilis (Hollyhock Begonia)."
"Tuberous Begonias."
"Tuberous Sales Team."
"Would you like B. boliviensis or B. 'Gryphon'?"

July 2015: 20th Anniversary Celebrations.


As usual MBS excelled itself, thanks to the work of the committed committee and attendance by membership ... excellent venue & menu, beautiful floral display, entertaining slide show, friendly service, wonderful membership contribution to the speeches, Anne's historical booklet to record the past, and of course the marvellous cake to conclude!!!!! Thank you to the committee for your help in making the cost most affordable. The Guest Speaker spoke of a lot of boxes to be ticked to make a club successful and MBS has obviously been ticking these boxes for 20 years and will continue to do so because in this group everyone does their part in their own way to contribute to the group and make a difference. Pamela.

A big thank you to Lesley, Norm, Maz and everyone involved in organising the very successful Melbourne Begonia Society's 20th Year Celebration Luncheon at the Bucking-ham International. We enjoyed a very delicious 2 course meal followed by Birthday cake with tea and coffee. I also would like to thank Norm's wife, Gail for making and decorating the Birthday cake. It was great to catch up with new and old members over lunch. Carol.


The 20th anniversary was really pleasant and generated lots of good ideas. It was also an opportunity to talk to Kevin M. about the possibility of importation of new hybrids or rare species through quarantine at Ballarat Horticultural or other places. Purely social occasions are a good chance to network with others. Maz.

My view of Saturday's luncheon, it was a wonderful day, Great company, lovely food, terrific guest speaker - what more could one ask for. The photo slide covered so much, it's a lovely venue. Congratulations to the Committee and workers who organized the day. Loved the history book. Shows why this club can be together to celebrate 20 years, may they celebrate many more. Dot.


It was extremely pleasing to see some of the new members of our Club at our Anniversary celebration. It is a great way to have time to chat to get to know one another, and lovely to have a chance to catch up with past members. Thank you to Kevin and his sister from Ballarat for travelling so far to join us. The day was cold but at least it didn't rain, the venue was lovely and warm, the meal most enjoyable, our speaker Neil Williams told of the Golden Years of the Garden Clubs and challenged us to step forward to take positions on the committee, the only way to keep a Club functioning. We were disappointed some members for health reasons were unable to attend, we did miss them. Our day finished with coffee and a beautifully iced, 'yummy' cake generously made by Norm's wife Gail. A most enjoyable day. Les.

Our speaker Neil Williams led us through the horticultural halcyon days of 'Victoria the Garden State'. The R.H.S. headed up by Neil, the Victorian Government and Kevin Heinze introduced many innovative ideas to promote horticulture, among these the publication Garden News, the Gardener's Diary, The Summer School at Melbourne University and the Mt Buffalo Chalet and the Open Garden Scheme. Whilst extremely successful at the time through various reasons they are no longer in existence. It would seem the success of horticultural groups depends on strong leadership changing regularly, enthusiasm, committed membership and being ready to accept change and embrace new ideas. A very enjoyable presentation. Janeen.