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Cultural Notes

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Cane Like (This plant - Begonia maculata var. elegantissima)

Cane Like

Rexes (This plant - Begonia 'Celebration')


Rhizomatous (This plant - Begonia masoniana)


Semi Tuberous (This plant - Begonia dregei)

Semi Tuberous

Semperflorens (This plant - Begonia  'Charm')


Shrub Like (This plant - Begonia cubensis)

Shrub Like

Thick Stemmed (This plant - Begonia paranaensis)

Thick Stemmed

Trailing Scandent (This plant - Begonia convolvulacea species)

Trailing Scandent

Tuberous (This plant - B. 'Orange Crush')


Terrarium Culture (This plant Begonia microsperma )

Terrarium Culture